Alisha Kiner

Event Manager

Alisha is a double agent. Every morning she attends nursing school, then finds the nearest phone booth to change into her office clothes. The rest of her day is spent helping brides organize their wedding details. Like any good double agent, she brings what she’s learned back to her job. Nursing has taught her to stay cool under pressure and think on her feet. Skills that have been invaluable to us. One time, at a wedding, while she was combatting hurricane-force winds that were blowing plates off of tables a grandparent collapsed. Within minutes she ran to her car to get her stethoscope, assessed and comforted the grandparent until paramedics arrived onsite and had all of the tables moved to a sheltered spot and re-set. Take that, Jason Bourne.

Michael Menasco

The Make It Happen Man

The Most Interesting Man in the World has nothing on Michael Menasco. In the industry for over 35 years, he’s worked just about every position from dishwasher to Food & Beverage Director. But it’s the adventures along the way make him an enigma. He holds the National record for selling the most shots of Louis III cognac in a single evening. He once dined with an American aristobrat and a weiner dog while being waited on, hand and foot, by a sommelier and 4 waiters in one of Paris’s snootiest and most iconic restaurants. And, the peanut butter & jelly sandwich? His recipe was stolen by none other than Julia Childs. When he’s not busy being fascinating, he’s making the Mother-In-Laws of brides happy



Jessica Miller


Jessica has a passion for conscious consumption. A paleo convert since 2008, food is seen as a way to not only stimulate the senses but nourish the body. Her philosophies have sparked her and her family to raise their own chickens and sheep, retrofit their house with solar panels, grey water irigation, and drive an electric car. They’re also the rallying cry behind Feast & Fest. Known for her uncompromising standards on food quality, her quest to work with local farmers and artisans and her mission to minimize waste, Jessica, and her vision, are what keep the company laser-focused. Being a mother, wife and business owner keep Jessica busy, but her dream is to see more of Europe’s culinary treasures.


Anthony Minniti

Event Chef

Half Sicilian and half French Canadian, Anthony has culinary prowess firmly rooted in his DNA. He’s been around food all of his life, which is why it was no surprise when he decided to accept his highly coveted invitation to the Culinary Institute of America. We refer to him as an alchemist - experimenting with unique ingredients and pairing distinct flavors. He’s perfected the art and science of food and drink. Having worked for some of the most revered restaurants in North America and achieving a 4-diamond rating for one of his restaurants (which he maintained for almost 5 years), Anthony is a huge asset to the team. When he’s not experimenting in the kitchen, you can find him flying in a tunnel or foraging for edibles in the woods.



Trevor Johnson

Executive Chef

When Trevor was just 13 his family decided to leave Santa Barbara and drive a motorhome across the country. Traveling from state to state opened him up to regional flavors he’d never experienced before. And so began his passion for food. At 14 he went to England and Scandinavia where his palate expanded. The family settled in Colorado where Trevor got his first taste of the restaurant world - at the tender age of 15, he was working in the kitchen of a country club. He later went on to graduate with honours from Culinary School, specializing in French cuisine. He’s been in the industry ever since, 19 years to be exact. When he’s not working as a chef, you’ll find Trevor catching a gnarly wave.


Gilbert Cabrera

Grill Expert

Great food has always been a common thread throughout Gilbert’s life. The youngest of 7 kids to working parents, he learned how to cook for himself at a very young age. In fact, he took great delight in experimenting with new foods and recipes. He got his start in the working world as a pastry baker and has stayed in the restaurant industry ever since. But it’s his love for the great outdoors that gave birth to his most long-lived passion…grilling. Gilbert is an avid camper. And when he’s camping everyone knows not to mess with the fire - Gilbert owns it. He loves to cook over an open flame. His specialty? S’mores.