There is an area of town that has special significance for us at SBB. The Godric Grove area of Elings Park has simply stolen our heart with its breathtaking vistas and cozy atmosphere. We cater dozens of events in Godric Grove every year, but on August 28th we had the opportunity to give a little back to the park that we love so much. We catered "An Evening Under the Moon and Stars", which was a grand fundraiser for the operations of Elings Park. We spent the evening grilling up a delectable selection of Argentine asado BBQ to go along with fantastic wine, tango dancing, and beautiful scenery.

If you aren't familiar with Elings Park then take a few minutes and surf over to learn more about this incredible location. It is a 230-acre private, non-profit park that has some of the most beautiful views you will find of our city. Constructed upon the old City of Santa Barbara landfill, it has become a real recreational jewel in the time since its creation. Almost 250,000 people use the park each year, and for good reason - it is truly beautiful. If you are thinking of an outdoor venue for your reception or event you might consider putting Elings Park (in particular the Godric Grove area) on your list to check out.


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