We often receive rave reviews of our work that we like to share on the weblog. The following is an unedited testimonial from one of our very satisfied customers.

We had 2 goals with regard to our wedding...we wanted our guests entertained and we wanted them to have amazing food. Thanks to SBB Gourmet Catering we had guests thanking us for the amazing food.

EVERYTHING was unbelievable. Their food is cooked ON SITE not brought in hot boxes like some other caterers. Guests raved and raved...all i kept hearing was "the food!...the food!" and "those potatoes!" and "the asparagus!" Even my vegan guest was raving about how they made her a special dish that was amazing. They went out of their way to find the vegetarians and make sure they got enough of the vegetarian appetizers. And Sidney the owner completely fixed a botched dessert order from crushcakes. DON'T GO THERE! Sidney is the best and they really need to open a restaurant cause there food is THAT good!!!