Taken by Jose Villa

Taken by Jose Villa

Cheese Selection

aged white cheddar, fresh goat cheese trio, Point Reyes bleu, brie
fresh seasonal fruit, fig compote, pickled golden raisins
selection of fresh European style breads, crackers

Premium Cheese Selection

Truffle Tremor, Chèvre trio, Mt. Tam,
Central Coast Gouda, Point Reyes Blue, Sierra White Cheddar
fresh and dried fruit, fig compote, pickled golden raisins, mixed nuts
selection of fresh European style breads, grilled crostinis

Cheese “Cake” Display

Top Tier- Mt. Tam Triple Cream

deliciously rich cow’s milk cheese, with a buttery finish and slight tanginess in the finish

Third Tier- Oriole

Covered in ash and some blue mold, this semi-firm buffalo's milk cheese has a wonderful creamy yet crumbly texture and pleasant flavor of sweet cream, with a hint of blue in the rind

Second Tier- Humbolt Fog

Goat’s milk cheese, it is soft, creamy and savory.  It is covered in vegetable ash, which is also what runs through the center.  A delicious cheese made in Northern California that is not too strong nor too mild with a unique clean finish

Base Tier- Piave

Aged cow’s milk cheese from Veneto, Italy is aged for a minimum of one year. The resulting cheese is hard, dry, and granular, similar to Asiago.  It has a big, robust, caramel flavor that is sweet, fruity and pleasantly salty


cured salami, olives, nuts, baguettes, crackers, grissini, seasonal fresh fruits


Charcuterie Assortment

Salchicon Spanish Salame, Jamón Serrano,
Chorizo Cantimpalo, Herb Roasted Turkey Breast,
handmade bread sticks, olives, cornichons, local spiced nuts


Santa Ynez Valley Market Crudites

summer petite and baby vegetables
green goddess and roasted artichoke shallot dips


Samosas Station

potato samosas & lamb and pea samosas
masala sauce, verde sauce, hot chili sauce


Taken by Jose Villa

Taken by Jose Villa

Taken by I Heart My Groom

Taken by I Heart My Groom